Beautiful Santa Ana

Santa Ana was born on August 31, 1907, by Decree No. 8 of August 29, 1907.

Nevertheless; Santa Ana as a human settlement dates back to the time of the cacicazgos, as evidenced by the archaeological site discovered in La Cubilla, district of Pozos. This fact shows the existence of at least one high-ranking chieftaincy, subordinated to the power of the tribe that ruled Cacique Garabito at later times.

On the block of land donated by Don Matías Robles and with the initiative of Don Ezequiel de Jesús Morales, the construction of the church began in 1870.

The temple was completed in 1880, when an ecclesiastical decree created the parish of Santa Ana, and arrived here to take care of it the Presbyter Don Miguel Pérez.

Designed in 1971, the Municipal shield represents a field crowned with a turret, a valley crossed by a road that leaves a hill where a savanna oak tree is located and to the left of which there is a man working with a shovel.

Santa Ana is also known as the Sunny Valley, because is mostly sunny, making it a warm and cosy place to live.

The Roble Sabana is a Beautiful tree that brights up Santa Ana. Hummingbirds, bees and some other insects are in charge of its polinization and its scientific name is Tabebuia Rosea Bignoniaceae.

When its summer time, beautiful and colorful flowers appear. This is their tree that brings joy to their streets and make it look amazing while in summer.

Santa Ana is a comfortable place to live, near to Ruta 27, 20 minutes from San Jose and the farmers market every weekend will make you fall in love and want to live in this Beautiful Canton.

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