Typical Food in Costa Rica

It's important to know what type of food is typical from Costa Rica: from tortillas to chifrijos and even gallo pinto, the list is wide and food is delicious.

Sometimes, going to a different country means eating different types of food. If you've never been to Costa Rica before, maybe you haven't heard about the famous chifrijo, gallo pinto or even the patacones.

Once you try the Costa Rican food, you'll never go back. Most of the typical plates consist of rice and beans, avocado and plantains.

Gallo Pinto

Hearing Gallo Pinto can be confusing at first. This plate is often eaten in the morning, along with some scrambled or fried eggs, tortillas freshly made, avocado, sourcream and fried plantains with a side of café chorreado, the one that appears in the photo on the left.


The typical food from Costa Rica, for lunch or dinner, is one of the best plates with high nutritional value.

The casado, meaning marriage, consists of rice, beans, plantain, picadillo, salad and usually a piece of steak, chicken or pork. If you come to visit, you should definitely order a casado in any time of your trip.


Also a typical food from Costa Rica. This delicious plate consist of rice, beans, pork cracklings, avocado, pico de gallo and tortilla chips.

This dish is usually ordered for lunch or dinner, and has the perfect combinación of soft and crunchy that you need.


If you love crunchy & tropical flavor, patacones are your best option.

This are fried plantain, usually with a little bit of salt, served with pico de gallo, fried beans and guacamole. Try them, you won't regret it!

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